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§ 1242.4 - Credible resolution plan required; other notices to FHFA.

(a) Credible resolution plan required; frequency and timing of plan submission—(1) Credible resolution plan required; resolution plan submission dates. Each Enterprise is required to submit a credible resolution plan to FHFA in accordance with frequency and timing requirements established by FHFA. Each Enterprise is required to submit its initial resolution plan 18 months after the date on which it is required to submit its initial notice preliminarily identifying core business lines to FHFA in accordance with § 1242.3(a)(2). Thereafter, each Enterprise shall submit a resolution plan to FHFA not later than two years following the submission date for the prior resolution plan, unless otherwise notified by FHFA in accordance with paragraph (a)(2) of this section.

(2) Altering submission dates. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this part, FHFA may determine that an Enterprise shall submit its resolution plan on a date different from any date provided in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, which may be before or after any date so established. FHFA shall provide an Enterprise with written notice of a determination under this paragraph (a)(2) no later than 12 months before the date by which the Enterprise is required to submit the resolution plan.

(3) Interim updates. FHFA may require that an Enterprise submit an update to a resolution plan submitted under this part, within a reasonable time, as determined by FHFA. FHFA shall notify the Enterprise of its requirement to submit an update under this paragraph (a)(3) in writing and shall specify the portions or aspects of the resolution plan the Enterprise shall update. Submission of an interim update does not affect the date for submission of a resolution plan, unless otherwise notified by FHFA in accordance with paragraph (a)(2) of this section.

(b) Notice of extraordinary events; inclusion in next resolution plan. Each Enterprise shall provide FHFA with a notice no later than 45 days after any material change, merger, reorganization, sale or divestiture of a business unit or material assets, or similar transaction, or any fundamental change to the Enterprise's resolution strategy. Such notice must describe such extraordinary event and explain how it may plausibly affect the resolution of the Enterprise. The Enterprise shall address any such extraordinary event with respect to which it has provided notice pursuant to this paragraph (b) in the next resolution plan submitted by the Enterprise, provided that plan is required to be submitted more than 90 days after submission of the notice of an extraordinary event to FHFA.

(c) Board of directors' approval of resolution plan. The board of directors of the Enterprise shall approve each resolution plan (including any revised resolution plan) before submission to FHFA, with such approval noted in board minutes.

(d) Point of contact. Each Enterprise shall identify an Enterprise senior management official and position responsible for serving as a point of contact regarding the resolution plan.

(e) Incorporation of previously submitted resolution plan information by reference. Any resolution plan submitted by an Enterprise may incorporate by reference information from a prior resolution plan submitted to FHFA, provided that:

(1) The resolution plan seeking to incorporate information by reference clearly indicates:

(i) The information the Enterprise is incorporating by reference; and

(ii) Which of the Enterprise's previously submitted resolution plan(s) originally contained the information the Enterprise is incorporating by reference, including the specific location of that information in the previously submitted resolution plan; and

(2) The information the Enterprise is incorporating by reference remains accurate in all respects that are material to the Enterprise's resolution plan.

(f) Extensions of time. Upon its own initiative or a written request by an Enterprise, FHFA may extend any time period under this part. Each extension request by an Enterprise shall be supported by a written statement describing the basis and justification for the request.