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§ 1242.6 - Form of resolution plan; confidentiality.

(a) Form of resolution plan—(1) Generally. Each resolution plan of an Enterprise shall be divided into a public section and a confidential section. Each Enterprise shall segregate and separately identify the public section from the confidential section.

(2) Content of public section. The public section of a resolution plan shall clearly reflect required and prohibited assumptions set forth at § 1242.5(b) and consist of an executive summary of the resolution plan that describes the business of the Enterprise and includes, to the extent material to an understanding of the Enterprise:

(i) A description of each core business line, including associated operations and services;

(ii) Consolidated or segment financial information regarding assets, liabilities, capital and major funding sources;

(iii) A description of derivative activities, hedging activities, and credit risk transfer instruments;

(iv) A list of memberships in material payment, clearing and settlement systems;

(v) The identities of the principal officers;

(vi) A description of the corporate governance structure and processes related to resolution planning;

(vii) A description of material management information systems; and

(viii) A description, at a high level, of strategies to facilitate resolution, covering such items as the range of potential purchasers of the Enterprise's core business lines and other significant assets, as well as measures that, if taken by the Enterprise, could minimize the risk that its resolution would have serious adverse effects on the national housing finance markets and minimize the amount of potential loss to the Enterprise's investors and creditors.

(b) Confidential treatment of resolution plan. (1) The confidentiality of each resolution plan and related materials shall be determined in accordance with applicable exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552(b)), 12 CFR part 1202 (FHFA's regulation implementing the Freedom of Information Act), and 12 CFR part 1214 (FHFA's regulation on the availability of non-public information).

(2) An Enterprise submitting a resolution plan or related materials pursuant to this part that desires confidential treatment of the information under 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(4), 12 CFR part 1202 (Freedom of Information Act), and 12 CFR part 1214 (availability of non-public information) may file a request for confidential treatment in accordance with those rules.

(3) To the extent permitted by law, information comprising the confidential section of a resolution plan will be treated as confidential.

(4) To the extent permitted by law, the submission of any nonpublic data or information under this part shall not constitute a waiver of, or otherwise affect, any privilege arising under Federal or state law (including the rules of any Federal or state court) to which the data or information is otherwise subject. The submission of any nonpublic data or information under this part shall be subject to the examination privilege.