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§ 1250.3 - Civil money penalties.

(a) In general. If an Enterprise is determined by the Director of FHFA, or his or her designee, to have a pattern or practice of purchasing loans in violation of the procedures established pursuant to § 1250.2, the Director of FHFA, or his or her designee, may assess civil money penalties against such Enterprise in such amount or amounts as deemed to be appropriate under paragraph (c) of this section.

(b) Notice and hearing. A civil money penalty under this section may be assessed only after notice and an opportunity for a hearing on the record has been provided to the Enterprise.

(c) Amount. The maximum civil money penalty amount is $669 for each violation that occurs before January 15, 2024, with total penalties not to exceed $192,996. For violations that occur on or after January 15, 2024, the civil money penalty under this section may not exceed $691 for each violation, with total penalties assessed under this section against an Enterprise during any calendar year not to exceed $199,251.

(d) Deposit of penalties. Any penalties under this section shall be paid into the National Flood Mitigation Fund in accordance with section 1367 of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 (42 U.S.C. 4104d.), as amended.

(e) Additional penalties. Any penalty under this section shall be in addition to, and shall not preclude, any civil remedy, or criminal penalty otherwise available.

(f) Statute of limitations. No civil money penalty may be imposed under this section after the expiration of the four-year period beginning on the date of the occurrence of the violation for which the penalty is authorized under this section.

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