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§ 1254.4 - Requirements for use of a credit score.

(a) Enterprise use of a credit score. An Enterprise is not required to use a credit score for any business purpose. However, if an Enterprise conditions its purchase of a mortgage on the provision of a credit score for the borrower:

(1) The credit score must be derived from a credit score model that has been approved by the Enterprise in accordance with this part; and

(2) The Enterprise must provide for the use of the credit score by any automated underwriting system that uses a credit score and any other procedures and systems used by the Enterprise that use a credit score for mortgage purchases.

(b) Replacement of credit score model. An Enterprise may replace any credit score model then in use after a new credit score model has been approved in accordance with this part.

(c) No right to continuing use. Enterprise use of a particular credit score model does not create any right to or expectation of continuing, future, or permanent use of that credit score model by an Enterprise.