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§ 1260.5 - Control and disclosure of shared information.

(a) No waiver of privilege. The release of information under this part does not constitute a waiver by FHFA of any privilege, or of its right to control, supervise or impose limitations on the subsequent use and disclosure of any information concerning a Bank. To the extent that any information provided to a Bank or the Office of Finance pursuant to this part qualifies as non-public information under part 1214 of this chapter, that information shall continue to qualify as such and shall continue to be subject to the restrictions on disclosure set forth in part 1214, provided that a Bank shall not be deemed to have violated any provision of § 1214.3 of this chapter by disclosing in its filings with the SEC non-public information about another Bank that was obtained pursuant to this part if the disclosure is limited to a recital of the relevant factual content of the underlying information and the Bank has provided the notice required by paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) Disclosures under the Federal securities laws. If a Bank determines in good faith that it is required by any applicable provision of the 1934 Act or of 17 CFR chapter II to disclose non-public information relating to another Bank that it has received pursuant to this part, it shall provide to FHFA and to the Bank to which the information pertains prior written notice of such determination and of the content and anticipated timing of the disclosure, which notice shall be provided as far in advance of the anticipated disclosure as is feasible under the circumstances.

(c) Safeguarding of information. A Bank may use non-public information distributed pursuant to this part only for the purposes described in section 20A(a) of the Bank Act. Except as otherwise provided in this part, neither the Office of Finance, nor any Bank, nor any officer, director or employee thereof, may disclose or permit the use or disclosure of any non-public information regarding another Bank received pursuant to this part in any manner or for any purpose. Each Bank and the Office of Finance shall implement policies and procedures to prevent the improper disclosure of such information and to limit the access of its personnel to such information, which policies and procedures shall be no less stringent than those that apply to the entity's own confidential and supervisory information.

(d) Information regarding the Office of Finance. A Bank president that receives any information regarding the Office of Finance in his or her capacity as a member of the board of directors of the Office of Finance may share the information with the board of directors of the Bank at which he or she is employed, as well as with the appropriate officers and employees of the Bank, subject to the limitations of this part.