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§ 1264.6 - Appeals.

(a) General. Within 90 calendar days of the date of a Bank's decision to deny an application for certification as a housing associate, the applicant may submit a written appeal to FHFA that includes the Bank's decision resolution and a statement of the basis for the appeal with sufficient facts, information, analysis and explanation to support the applicant's position. Send appeals to the Deputy Director for Federal Home Loan Bank Regulation, Federal Housing Finance Agency, 400 7th Street SW., Seventh Floor, Washington, DC 20219, with a copy to the Bank.

(b) Record for appeal. Upon receiving a copy of an appeal, the Bank whose action has been appealed shall provide to the FHFA a complete copy of the applicant's certification file maintained by the Bank under § 1264.5(c)(3). Until the FHFA resolves the appeal, the Bank shall promptly provide to the FHFA any relevant new materials it receives. The FHFA may request additional information or further supporting arguments from the applicant, the Bank, or any other party that the FHFA deems appropriate.

(c) Deciding appeals. Within 90 calendar days of the date an applicant files an appeal with the FHFA, the FHFA shall consider the record for appeal described in paragraph (b) of this section and resolve the appeal based on the requirements of the Bank Act and this part.

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