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§ 1273.3 - Functions of the OF.

(a) Joint debt issuance. Subject to part 1270, subparts B and C, of this chapter, and this part, the OF, as agent for the Banks, shall offer, issue, and service (including making timely payments on principal and interest due) consolidated obligations.

(b) Preparation of combined financial reports. The OF shall prepare and issue the combined annual and quarterly financial reports for the Bank System in accordance with the requirements of § 1273.6(b) and appendix A of this part, using consistent accounting policies and procedures as provided in § 1273.9(b) of this part.

(c) Fiscal agent. The OF shall function as the fiscal agent of the Banks.

(d) Financing Corporation and Resolution Funding Corporation. The OF shall perform such duties and responsibilities for FICO as may be required under part 1271, subpart D, of this chapter, or for REFCORP as may be required under part 1271, subpart E, of this chapter or authorized by FHFA pursuant to section 21B(c)(6)(B) of the Bank Act (12 U.S.C. 1441b(c)(6)(B)).

[75 FR 23161, May 3, 2010, as amended at 81 FR 76298, Nov. 2, 2016]