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§ 1278.3 - Merger agreement.

A merger of Banks under the authority of § 1278.2 shall require a written merger agreement that:

(a) Has been authorized by the affirmative vote of a majority of a quorum of the board of directors of each Constituent Bank at a meeting on the record and has been executed by authorized signing officers of each Constituent Bank; and

(b) Sets forth all material terms and conditions of the merger, including, without limitation, provisions addressing each of the following matters—

(1) The proposed Effective Date and the proposed acquisition date for purposes of accounting for the transaction under GAAP, if that date is to be different from the Effective Date;

(2) The proposed organization certificate and bylaws of the Continuing Bank;

(3) The proposed capital structure plan for the Continuing Bank;

(4) The proposed size and structure of the board of directors for the Continuing Bank;

(5) The formula to be used to exchange the stock of the Constituent Banks for the stock of the Continuing Bank, and a provision prohibiting the issuance of fractional shares of stock;

(6) Any conditions that must be satisfied prior to the Effective Date, which must include approval by the Director and ratification by the members of the Constituent Banks;

(7) A statement of the representations or warranties, if any, made or to be made by any Constituent Bank;

(8) A description of the legal or accounting opinions or rulings, if any, that are required to be obtained or furnished by any party in connection with the proposed merger; and

(9) A statement that the board of directors of a Constituent Bank may terminate the merger agreement before the Effective Date upon a determination that:

(i) The information disclosed to members contained material errors or omissions;

(ii) Material misrepresentations were made to members regarding the impact of the merger;

(iii) Fraudulent activities were used to obtain members' approval; or

(iv) An event occurred subsequent to the members' vote that would have a significant adverse impact on the future viability of the Continuing Bank.