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§ 1292.7 - Documentation.

(a) A Bank shall require the borrower to certify to the Bank that each project funded under a CICA program (other than AHP) meets the respective targeting requirements of the CICA program. Such certification shall include a description of how the project meets the requirements, and where appropriate, a statistical summary or list of incomes of the borrowers, rents for the project, or salaries of jobs created or retained.

(b) For those CICA-funded projects that also receive funds from another targeted Federal economic development program that has income targeting requirements that are the same as, or more restrictive than, the targeting requirements of the applicable CICA program, the Bank shall permit the borrower to certify that compliance with the criteria of such Federal economic development program will meet the requirements of the respective CICA program.

(c) Such certifications shall satisfy the Bank's obligations to document compliance with the CICA funding provisions of this part.