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§ 1213.108 - Multimedia materials.

(a) NASA's multimedia material, from all sources, will be made available to the information media, the public, and to all Agency Centers and contractor installations utilizing contemporary delivery methods and emerging digital technology.

(b) Centers will provide the media, the public, and as necessary, NASA Headquarters with:

(1) Selected prints and original or duplicate files of news-oriented imagery and other digital multimedia material generated within their respective areas.

(2) Selected video material in the highest quality format practical, which, in the opinion of the installations, would be appropriate for use as news feed material or features in pre-produced programs and other presentations.

(3) Audio and/or video files of significant news developments and other events of historic or public interest.

(4) Interactive multimedia features that can be incorporated into the Agency's Internet portal for use by internal and external audiences, including the media and the general public.

(5) To the extent practicable, these products will be in forms and media accessible to the public at large, as well as to specific user groups requesting them, if any.