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§ 1217.105 - Procedures.

(a) Requests for certification shall be forwarded to an appropriate NASA official or designee as provided for in § 1217.103 of this part.

(b) Each request for certification shall be accompanied by:

(1) A proposed certificate as provided for in § 1217.104 of this part;

(2) The information and documentation required by 19 CFR 10.102(a), including invoice documentation or a description of covered articles; and

(3) The anticipated date of entry of entry and port of entry for each article. If the article is to be transported in bond from the port of arrival to another port of entry in the United States, identify both ports.

(c) The signed certificate and its attachment(s) will be forwarded to the NASA Installation responsible for duty-free entry of the materials, unless issued at such Installation by an authorized official in accordance with § 1217.103(c) of this part. These documents shall be presented to an appropriated Customs official at the port(s) of entry. The procedures specified in 19 CFR 10.102 will be followed by the NASA Installation in obtaining duty-free entry at the Customs port(s) of entry. The NASA Installation should ensure that, at the time the articles are to be released after Customs entry, the custody of the imported articles is transferred directly from the carrier or from the U.S. Customs Service to the NASA Installation, its agent, or the launch service customer in the case of a Launch and Associated Services Agreement.

(d) If articles procured under contract by NASA are imported prior to compliance with these procedures and it is essential that the articles be released from Customs custody prior to such compliance, the procedures outlined in 19 CFR 10.101 may be followed by cognizant NASA officials to secure the release of the articles from Customs custody. To the extent applicable, the procedures in § 1217.105 of this part shall be followed when time permits to obtain duty-free entry for the articles released from Customs custody.