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§ 1275.103 - Role of awardee institutions.

(a) The awardee institutions have the primary responsibility for prevention and detection of research misconduct and for the inquiry, investigation, and adjudication of research misconduct alleged to have occurred in association with their own institutions, although NASA has ultimate oversight authority for NASA research.

(b) When an allegation of research misconduct related to NASA research is made directly to the OIG and the OIG defers to the awardee institution's inquiry or investigation, or when an allegation of research misconduct related to NASA research is made directly to the awardee institution which commences an inquiry or investigation, the awardee institution is required to:

(1) Notify the OIG if an inquiry supports a formal investigation as soon as this is determined.

(2) Keep the OIG informed during such an investigation.

(3) Notify the OIG immediately -

(i) If public health or safety is at risk;

(ii) If Federal resources, reputation, or other interests need protecting;

(iii) If research activities should be suspended;

(iv) If there is reasonable indication of possible violations of civil or criminal law;

(v) If Federal action is needed to protect the interests of those involved in the investigation; or

(vi) If the research community or the public should be informed.

(4) Provide the OIG with a copy of the investigation report, including the recommendations made to the awardee institution's adjudication official and the Respondent's written comments (if any), along with a copy of the evidentiary record.

(5) Provide the OIG with the awardee institution's final determination, including any corrective actions taken or planned.

(c) If an awardee institution wishes the OIG to defer its own inquiry or investigation, the awardee institution shall complete any inquiry and decide whether an investigation is warranted within 60 days. It should similarly complete any investigation, adjudication, or other procedure necessary to produce a final determination, within an additional 180 days. If completion of the process is delayed, but the awardee institution wishes NASA's deferral of its own procedures to continue, NASA may require submission of periodic status reports.

(d) Each awardee institution must maintain and effectively communicate to its staff, appropriate policies and procedures relating to research misconduct, including the requirements on when and how to notify NASA.