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§ 922.180 - Purpose.

(a) The purpose of the regulations in this subpart is to implement the designation of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary by regulating activities affecting the resources of the Sanctuary or any of the qualities, values, or purposes for which the Sanctuary was designated, in order to protect, preserve, and manage the conservation, ecological, recreational, research, educational, historical, cultural, and aesthetic resources and qualities of the area. The regulations are intended to supplement and complement existing regulatory authorities; to facilitate to the extent compatible with the primary objective of protecting the humpback whale and its habitat, all public and private uses of the Sanctuary, including uses of Hawaiian natives customarily and traditionally exercised for subsistence, cultural, and religious purposes, as well as education, research, recreation, commercial and military activities; to reduce conflicts between compatible uses; to maintain, restore, and enhance the humpback whale and its habitat; to contribute to the maintenance of natural assemblages of humpback whales for future generations; to provide a place for humpback whales that are dependent on their Hawaiian Islands wintering habitat for reproductive activities, including breeding, calving, and nursing, and for the long-term survival of their species; and to achieve the other purposes and policies of the HINMSA and NMSA.

(b) These regulations may be modified to fulfill the Secretary's responsibilities for the Sanctuary, including the provision of additional protections for humpback whales and their habitat, if reasonably necessary, and the conservation and management of other marine resources, qualities and ecosystems of the Sanctuary determined to be of national significance. The Secretary shall consult with the Governor of the State of Hawaii on any modification to the regulations contained in this part. For any modification of the regulations contained in this part that would constitute a change in a term of the designation, as contained in the Designation Document for the Sanctuary, the Secretary shall follow the applicable requirements of sections 303 and 304 of the NMSA, and sections 2305 and 2306 of the HINMSA.

(c) Section 304(e) of the NMSA requires the Secretary to review management plans and regulations every five years, and make necessary revisions. Upon completion of the five year review of the Sanctuary management plan and regulations, the Secretary will repropose the Sanctuary management plan and regulations in their entirety with any proposed changes thereto. The Governor of the State of Hawaii will have the opportunity to review the re-proposed management plan and regulations before they take effect and if the Governor certifies any term or terms of such management plan or regulations as unacceptable, the unacceptable term or terms will not take effect in State waters of the Sanctuary.