U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 10.13 - Withdrawal of a published standard.

(a) Standards published under these and previous procedures may be withdrawn by the Director of the National Institute of Standards & Technology at any time. Such action will be taken if, after consultation with the Standing Committee as provided in paragraph (a)(1) of this section and after public notice, the Director determines that the standard is: Obsolete; technically inadequate; no longer generally acceptable to and used by the industry; inconsistent with law or established public policy; not in the public interest; or otherwise inappropriate; and revision or amendment is not feasible or would serve no useful purpose. Additionally, a standard may be withdrawn if it cannot be demonstrated that a particular standard has substantial public impact, that it does not duplicate a standard published by a private standards-writing organization, or that lack of government sponsorship would result in significant public disadvantage for legal reasons or for reasons of domestic and international trade. The Director may withdraw a standard if costs to maintain such a standard are not reimbursed by the proponent or other government agencies.

(1) Before withdrawing a standard published under these procedures, the Director will review the relative advantages and disadvantages of amendment, revision, development of a new standard, or withdrawal with the members of the Standing Committee, if such committee was appointed or reappointed within the previous five years.

(2) Public notice of intent to withdraw an existing standard published under these procedures shall be given and a 30-day period will be provided for the filing with the Director or written objections to the withdrawal. Such objections will be considered and analyzed by the Director before a determination is made to withdraw the standard. If the Director determines that a particular standard does not meet the criteria set out in § 10.0(b), the standard will be withdrawn.

(b) The filing under paragraph (a) of this section of a request to retain a standard or standards shall operate to stay the withdrawal of such standard or standards until the Director's determination has been made. If the Director determines that the requested standard or standards shall be withdrawn, the stay will remain in effect, if an appeal is filed in accordance with the requirements of § 10.14, until the decision of the Director is announced in the Federal Register. If, however, no appeal is received, the Director shall announce withdrawal of the particular standard or standards.

(c) Notice of the withdrawal action will be published in the Federal Register and such withdrawal will take effect 60 days from the date the withdrawal notice is published.

[51 FR 22497, June 20, 1986, as amended at 55 FR 38315, Sept. 18, 1990]