U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 06, 2020

§ 23.7 - Notice to Department of Commerce organizational units of implementation and procedures.

Following are roles and responsibilities for the program within the Department of Commerce.

(a) The Department Contact Person shall:

(1) Serve as the Department of Commerce's sole representative for ordering materials, including camera-ready negatives, from the National Center,

(2) Serve as the Department of Commerce's sole supplier of materials to Operating Units,

(3) Maintain a current list of personnel within each Operating Unit who are authorized to order materials,

(4) Notify Operating Units whenever permission to use information on a missing child has been withdrawn,

(5) Ensure that only current missing children materials are distributed to Operating Units, and that only those requests from authorized departmental representatives are filled,

(6) Prepare all required departmental reports on the program,

(7) Promulgate any departmentwide operating instructions deemed appropriate for the program, and

(8) Chair biannual meetings of departmental representatives to discuss the program and identify additional opportunities to use the missing children data with penalty mail.

(b) The Head of each Operating Unit (and for the Office of the Secretary, the Director of the Office of Administrative Services Operations), or his/her representative, shall:

(1) Designate a single person to act as the Operating Unit's representative to the Department for requesting and controlling missing children materials and receiving notification to withdraw materials from use (an alternative may be designated to act in the representative's absence),

(2) Provide the Department Contact Person with the name, title, telephone number, and room number of the Operating Unit's representative for the program (and also for the alternate, if one is designated), and notify the Department of changes when they occur,

(3) Ensure that the shelf-life of printed penalty mail materials containing missing children information is limited to a maximum of three months,

(4) Ensure that information on a child is not used once permission has been withdrawn and the shelf-life for the material would keep the information available for greater than 90 days after the date that permission to use it was withdrawn,

(5) Direct that the Operating Unit representative (or alternate) order missing children information, as appropriate, only from the Department Contact Person,

(6) Comply with policies, procedures, and operating instructions issued by the Department,

(7) Maintain necessary information to prepare required reports and submit them in accordance with requirements,

(8) Provide only current camera-ready and other photographic and biographical materials to printers, including those at the Administrative Support Centers, and

(9) Otherwise determine and control the use of missing children materials and information by the Operating Unit.

(c) The Director of each Administrative Support Center, or his/her representatives, shall:

(1) Cooperate with serviced Operating Units to promote the use of missing children information on penalty mail,

(2) As directed by an Operating Unit, utilize camera-ready and other photographic and biographical material provided by the Operating Unit in preparation of material for use with penalty mail, and

(3) Assure that any printing performed or procured under its direction is in accordance with the type of material and the manner of presentation as prescribed in this regulation.