U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 8.6 - Applicability of this part to Department assisted programs.

The following examples illustrate the applicability of this part to programs which receive or may receive Federal financial assistance administered by the Department. The fact that a particular type of Federal financial assistance is not listed does not indicate that it is not covered by this part, The discrimination referred to is that described in § 8.4 against persons on the ground of race, color, or national origin.

(a) Assistance to support economic development. Discrimination in which recipients and other parties subject to this part shall not engage, directly or indirectly, includes discrimination in

(1) The letting of contracts or other arrangements for the planning, designing, engineering, acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, conversion, enlargement, installation, occupancy, use, maintenance, leasing, subleasing, sales, or other utilization or disposition of property or facilities purchased or financed in whole or in part with the aid of Federal financial assistance;

(2) The acquisition of goods or services, or the production, preparation, manufacture, marketing, transportation, or distribution of goods or services in connection with a program or its operations;

(3) The onsite operation of the project or facilities;

(4) Services or accommodations offered to the public in connection with the program; and

(5) In employment practices in connection with or which affect the program (as defined in § 8.4(c)); in the following programs:

(i) Any program receiving Federal financial assistance for the purchase or development of land and facilities (including machinery and equipment) for industrial or commercial usage.

(ii) Any program receiving Federal financial assistance in the form of loans or direct or supplementary grants for the acquisition or development of land and improvements for public works, public service or development facility usage, and the acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, alteration, expansion, or improvement of such facilities, including related machinery and equipment.

(iii) In any program receiving any form of technical assistance designed to alleviate or prevent conditions of excessive employment or underemployment.

(iv) In any program receiving Federal financial assistance in the form of administrative expense grants.

(b) Assistance to support the training of students. A current example of such assistance is that received by State maritime academies or colleges, by contract, of facilities (vessels), related equipment and funds to train merchant marine officers. In this and other instances of student training, discrimination which is prohibited by recipients and other parties subject to this part includes discrimination in the selection of persons to be trained and in their treatment by the recipients in any aspect of the educational process and discipline during their training, or in the availability or use of any academic, housing, eating, recreational, or other facilities and services, or in financial assistance to students furnished or controlled by the recipients or incidental to the program. In any case where selection of trainees is made from a predetermined group, such as the students in an institution or area, the group must be selected without discrimination.

(c) Assistance to support mobile or other trade fairs. In programs in which operators of mobile trade fairs using U.S. flag vessels and aircraft and designed to exhibit and sell U.S. products abroad, or in which other trade fairs or exhibitions, receive technical and financial assistance, discrimination which is prohibited by recipients and other parties subject to this part includes discrimination in the selection or retention of any actual or potential exhibitors, or in access to or use of the services or accommodations by, or otherwise with respect to treatment of, exhibitors or their owners, officers, employees, or agents.

(d) Assistance to support business entities eligible for trade adjustment assistance. In programs in which eligible business entities receive any measure or kind of technical, financial or tax adjustment assistance because of or in connection with the impact of U.S. international trade upon such business, discrimination which is prohibited by recipients and other parties subject to this part includes discrimination in their employment practices as defined in § 8.4(c).

(e) Assistance to support research and development and related activities. In programs in which individuals, educational or other institutions, public governmental or business entities receive Federal financial assistance in order to encourage or foster research or development activities as such, or to obtain, promote, develop, or protect thereby technical, scientific, environmental, or other information, products, facilities, resources, or services which are to be made available to or used by others; but where such programs do not constitute Government procurement of property or services, discrimination which is prohibited by recipients and other parties subject to this part includes discrimination with respect to (1) the choice, retention or treatment of contractors, subcontractors, subgrantees or of any other person; (2) the provision of services, facilities, or financial aid; (3) the participation of any party in the research activities; (4) the dissemination to or use by any person of the results or benefits of the research or development, whether in the form of information, products, services, facilities, resources, or otherwise. If research is performed within an educational institution under which it is expected that students or others will participate in the research as a part of their experience or training, on a compensated or uncompensated basis, there shall be no discrimination in admission of students to, or in their treatment by, that part of the school from which such students are drawn or in the selection otherwise of trainees or participants. The recipient educational institutions will be required to give the assurances provided in § 8.5(b)(10).

(f) Assistance to aid in the operations of vessels engaged in U.S. foreign commerce. In programs in which the operators of American-flag vessels used to furnish shipping services in the foreign commerce of the United States receive Federal financial assistance in the form of operating differential subsidies, discrimination which is prohibited by recipients and other parties subject to this part includes discrimination in soliciting, accepting or serving in any way passengers or shippers of cargo entitled to protection in the United States under the Act.

[38 FR 17938, July 5, 1973, as amended at 68 FR 51352, Aug. 26, 2003]