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§ 113.13 - Amount of bond.

(a) Minimum amount of bond. The amount of any CBP bond must not be less than $100, except when the law or regulation expressly provides that a lesser amount may be taken. Fractional parts of a dollar will be disregarded in computing the amount of a bond. The bond always will be stated as the next highest dollar.

(b) Guidelines for determining amount of bond. In determining whether the amount of a bond is sufficient, CBP will consider:

(1) The prior record of the principal in timely payment of duties, taxes, and charges with respect to the transaction(s) involving such payments;

(2) The prior record of the principal in complying with CBP demands for redelivery, the obligation to hold unexamined merchandise intact, and other requirements relating to enforcement and administration of customs and other laws and CBP regulations;

(3) The value and nature of the merchandise involved in the transaction(s) to be secured;

(4) The degree and type of supervision that CBP will exercise over the transaction(s);

(5) The prior record of the principal in honoring bond commitments, including the payment of liquidated damages; and

(6) Any additional information contained in any application for a bond.

(c) Periodic review of bond sufficiency. CBP will periodically review each bond on file to determine whether the bond is adequate to protect the revenue and ensure compliance with applicable law and regulations. If CBP determines that a bond is inadequate, the principal and surety will be promptly notified in writing. The principal will have 15 days from the date of notification to remedy the deficiency. Notwithstanding the foregoing, where CBP determines that a bond is insufficient to adequately protect the revenue and ensure compliance with applicable law and regulations, CBP may provide written notice to the principal and surety that, upon receipt thereof, additional security in the form of cash deposit or single transaction bond may be required for any and all of the principal's transactions until the deficiency is remedied.

(d) Additional security. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section or any other provision of this chapter, if CBP believes that acceptance of a transaction secured by a continuous bond would place the revenue in jeopardy or otherwise hamper the enforcement of all applicable laws or regulations, CBP may immediately require additional security.

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