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§ 128.21 - Manifest requirements.

(a) Additional information. Express consignment operators and carriers shall provide the following manifest information in advance of the arrival of all cargo, including all articles for which an entry is not required as noted in § 128.23 (which shall be listed separately and their entry status noted), in addition to the information and documents otherwise required by this chapter:

(1) Country of origin of the merchandise.

(2) Shipper name, address and country.

(3) Ultimate consignee name and address.

(4) Specific description of the merchandise, and under the following conditions, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) subheading number:

(i) If the merchandise is required to be formally entered as provided in § 128.25; or

(ii) If the merchandise is eligible for, and is entered under, the informal entry procedures as provided in § 128.24, but may not be passed free of duty and tax as consisting of a shipment of merchandise imported by one person on one day having a fair retail value in the country of shipment not exceeding $800, as provided in § 128.24(e).

(5) Quantity.

(6) Shipping weight.

(7) Value.

(b) Sorting of cargo. If the shipments are physically sorted by country of origin of the merchandise when they arrive at the hub or express consignment facility and are presented to Customs in this manner, the advance manifest information shall also be provided with the merchandise segregated by country of origin.

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