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§ 404.512 - When adjustment or recovery of an overpayment will be waived.

(a) Adjustment or recovery deemed “against equity and good conscience.” In the situations described in §§ 404.510(a), (b), and (c), and 404.510a, adjustment or recovery will be waived since it will be deemed such adjustment or recovery is against equity and good conscience. Adjustment or recovery will also be deemed against equity and good conscience in the situation described in § 404.510(e), but only as to a month in which the individual's earnings from wages do not exceed the total monthly benefits affected for that month.

(b) Adjustment or recovery considered to defeat the purpose of title II or be against equity and good conscience under certain circumstances. In the situation described in § 404.510(e) (except in the case of an individual whose monthly earnings from wages in employment do not exceed the total monthly benefits affected for a particular month), and in the situations described in § 404.510 (f) through (n), adjustment or recovery shall be waived only where the evidence establishes that adjustment or recovery would work a financial hardship (see § 404.508) or would otherwise be inequitable (see § 404.509).

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