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§ 404.1805 - Paying benefits.

(a) As soon as possible after we have made a determination or decision that you are entitled to benefits, we certify to the Secretary of the Treasury, who is the Managing Trustee of the Trust Funds -

(1) Your name and address, or the name and address of the person to be paid if someone receives your benefits on your behalf as a representative payee;

(2) The amount of the payment or payments to be made from the appropriate Trust Fund; and

(3) The time at which the payment or payments should be made in accordance with § 404.1807.

(b) Under certain circumstances when you have had railroad employment, we will certify the information to the Railroad Retirement Board.

[45 FR 52095, Aug. 5, 1980, as amended at 62 FR 6120, Feb. 11, 1997]