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§ 404.2115 - When services must have been provided.

(a) In order for the VR agency to be paid, the services must have been provided -

(1) After September 30, 1981;

(2) No earlier than the beginning of the waiting period or the first month of entitlement, if no waiting period is required; and

(3) Before completion of a continuous 9-month period of SGA or termination of entitlement to disability benefits, whichever occurs first.

(b) If an individual who is entitled to disability benefits under this part also is or has been receiving disability or blindness benefits under part 416 of this chapter, the determination as to when services must have been provided may be made under this section or § 416.2215 of this chapter, whichever is advantageous to the State VR agency that is participating in both VR programs.

[55 FR 8455, Mar. 8, 1990, as amended at 61 FR 31025, June 19, 1996; 83 FR 62457, Dec. 4, 2018]