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§ 404.2127 - Resolution of disputes.

(a) Disputes on the amount to be paid. The appropriate SSA official will notify the State VR agency in writing of his or her determination concerning the amount to be paid. If the State VR agency disagrees with that determination, the State VR agency may request reconsideration in writing within 60 days after receiving the notice of determination. The Commissioner will make a determination and notify the State VR agency of that decision in writing, usually no later than 45 days from the date of the State VR agency's appeal. The decision by the Commissioner will be final and conclusive upon the State VR agency unless the State VR agency appeals that decision in writing in accordance with 45 CFR part 16 to the Department of Health and Human Services' Departmental Appeals Board within 30 days after receiving the Commissioner's decision.

(b) Disputes on whether there was a continuous period of SGA and whether VR services contributed to a continuous period of SGA. The rules in paragraph (a) of this section will apply, except that the Commissioner's decision will be final and conclusive. There is no right of appeal to the Departmental Appeals Board.

(c) Disputes on determinations made by the Commissioner which affect a disability beneficiary's rights to benefits. Determinations made by the Commissioner which affect an individual's right to benefits (e.g., determinations that disability benefits should be terminated, denied, suspended, continued or begun at a different date than alleged) cannot be appealed by a State VR agency. Because these determinations are an integral part of the disability benefits claims process, they can only be appealed by the beneficiary or applicant whose rights are affected or by his or her authorized representative. However, if an appeal of an unfavorable determination is made by the individual and is successful, the new determination would also apply for purposes of this subpart. While a VR agency cannot appeal a determination made by the Commissioner which affects a beneficiary's or applicant's rights, the VR agency can furnish any evidence it may have which would support a revision of a determination.

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