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§ 408.202 - How do you qualify for SVB?

You qualify for SVB if you meet all of the following requirements.

(a) Age. You were age 65 or older on December 14, 1999 (the date on which Pub. L. 106–169 was enacted into law).

(b) World War II veteran. You are a World War II veteran as explained in § 408.216.

(c) SSI eligible. You were eligible for SSI, as explained in § 408.218, for both December 1999 (the month in which Pub. L. 106–169 was enacted into law) and for the month in which you file your application for SVB.

(d) Application. You file an application for SVB as explained in subpart C of this part.

(e) Other benefit income. You do not have other benefit income, as explained in § 408.220, which is equal to, or more than, 75 percent of the current FBR.