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§ 408.232 - When do you lose your foreign resident status?

(a) General rule. We consider you to have lost or abandoned your residence outside the United States if you:

(1) Enter the United States and stay for more than 1 full calendar month (see § 408.234 for exceptions to this rule);

(2) Tell us that you no longer consider yourself to be residing outside the United States; or

(3) Become eligible (as defined by title XVI) for SSI benefits.

(b) Resumption of SVB following a period of U.S. residence. Once you lose or abandon your residence outside the United States, you cannot receive SVB again until you meet all the requirements for SVB qualification and reestablish your residence outside the United States.

Example:You leave your home outside the United States on June 15 to visit your son in the United States and return to your home abroad on August 15. Your SVB payments will continue for the months of June and July. However, because you were in the United States for the entire calendar month of July (i.e., all of the first day through all of the last day of July), you are not entitled to an SVB payment for the month of August. Your SVB payments resume with September, the month you reestablished your residence outside the United States.