U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 29, 2020

§ 216.41 - Who is entitled to a supplemental annuity.

An employee is entitled to a supplemental annuity if he or she:

(a) Has been credited with railroad service in at least one month before October 1981;

(b) Is entitled to the payment of an employee annuity awarded after June 30, 1966;

(c) Has a current connection with the railroad industry when the employee annuity begins;

(d) Has given up the right to return to work as shown in subpart C of this part; and either

(e) Is age 65 or older and has completed 25 years of service; or

(f) Is age 60 or older and under age 65, has completed 30 years of service, and is awarded an annuity on or after July 1, 1974.