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§ 655.433 - Notice of Acceptance.

(a) Notification. When the CO determines the CW-1 Application for Temporary Employment Certification contains no errors or inaccuracies, and meets the requirements set forth in this subpart, the CO will issue a NOA to the employer and, if applicable, the employer's attorney or agent.

(b) Notice content. The NOA must:

(1) Direct the employer to engage in recruitment of U.S. workers as provided in §§ 655.442 through 655.444, including any additional recruitment ordered by the CO under § 655.445;

(2) State that such employer-conducted recruitment must begin within 14 calendar days from the date the NOA is issued, consistent with § 655.440(b);

(3) Require the employer to submit a report of its recruitment efforts, by the date required by the CO in the NOA, as specified in § 655.446; and

(4) Advise the employer that failure to submit a complete recruitment report by the deadline will lead to denial of the application.