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§ 655.441 - Job offer assurances and advertising contents.

(a) General. All recruitment conducted under §§ 655.442 through 655.445 in connection with an CW-1 Application for Temporary Employment Certification must contain terms and conditions of employment that are not less favorable than those offered to the CW-1 workers and must comply with the assurances applicable to job offers as set forth in § 655.423.

(b) Contents. All advertising must contain the following information:

(1) The employer's name and contact information;

(2) A statement that the job opportunity is a temporary, full-time position and identify the job title and total number of job openings the employer intends to fill;

(3) A description of the job opportunity with sufficient information to apprise applicants of the services or labor to be performed, including the job duties, the minimum education and experience requirements, the work hours and days, and the anticipated start and end dates of the job opportunity;

(4) The place(s) of employment with enough specificity to apprise applicants of any travel requirements and where applicants will likely have to reside to perform the services or labor;

(5) The wage that the employer is offering, intends to offer or will provide to the CW-1 workers or, in the event that there are multiple wage offers, the range of applicable wage offers, each of which must equal or exceed the highest of the prevailing wage or the Federal or Commonwealth minimum wage;

(6) If applicable, a statement that overtime will be available to the worker and specify the wage offer(s) for working any overtime hours;

(7) The frequency with which the worker will be paid as required by § 655.423(h);

(8) A statement that the employer will make all deductions from the worker's paycheck required by law, and must specify any deductions the employer intends to make from the worker's paycheck which are not required by law, including, if applicable, any deductions for the reasonable cost of board, lodging, or other facilities;

(9) A statement summarizing the three-fourths guarantee as required by § 655.423(f);

(10) A statement that transportation and subsistence will be provided to the worker while traveling from the worker's origin to the place of employment as will the return transportation and subsistence at the conclusion of the job opportunity, as required by § 655.423(j)(1);

(11) If applicable, a statement that daily transportation to and from the place(s) of employment will be provided by the employer;

(12) If applicable, a statement that the employer will provide to the worker, without charge or deposit charge, all tools, supplies, and equipment required to perform the duties assigned, in accordance with § 655.423(k);

(13) If applicable, any board, lodging, or other facilities the employer will offer to workers or intends to assist workers in securing;

(14) If applicable, a statement indicating that on-the-job training will be provided to the worker; and

(15) A statement that directs applicants to apply for the job opportunity directly with the employer, and that indicates at least two verifiable methods by which applicants may apply for the job opportunity, one of which must be via electronic means, and that provides the days and hours during which applicants may be interviewed for the job opportunity.