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§ 655.443 - Contact with former U.S. workers.

The employer must contact (by mail or other effective means) its former U.S. workers, including those who have been laid off within 270 calendar days before the date of need, employed by the employer in the occupation at the place(s) of employment during the previous year (except those who were dismissed for cause or who abandoned the place(s) of employment), provide a copy of the CW-1 Application for Temporary Employment Certification, and solicit their return to the job. This contact must occur during the period of time that the job offer is being advertised on the CNMI Department of Labor's job listing system under § 655.442. The employer must retain documentation sufficient to prove such contact in accordance with § 655.456. An employer has no obligation to contact U.S. workers it terminated for cause or who abandoned employment at any time during the previous year, if the employer provided timely notice to the NPC of the termination or abandonment in the manner described in § 655.423(v).