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§ 655.453 - Denied certification.

If an electronically filed TLC is denied, the CO will send the Final Determination notice to the employer and a copy, if applicable, to the employer's agent or attorney using an electronic method(s) designated by the OFLC Administrator. For employers permitted to file by mail as set forth in § 655.420(c), the CO will send the Final Determination notice by first class mail. The Final Determination notice will:

(a) State the reason(s) certification is denied, citing the relevant regulatory standards;

(b) Offer the employer an opportunity to request administrative review of the denial under § 655.461; and

(c) State that if the employer does not request administrative review in accordance with § 655.461, the denial is final, and the Department will not accept any appeal on that CW-1 Application for Temporary Employment Certification.