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§ 655.461 - Administrative review.

(a) Request for review. Where authorized in this subpart, an employer wishing review of a determination by the CO must request an administrative review before BALCA of that determination to exhaust its administrative remedies. In such cases, the request for review:

(1) Must be received by BALCA, and the CO who issued the determination, within 10 business days from the date of the determination;

(2) Must clearly identify the particular determination for which review is sought;

(3) Must include a copy of the CO's determination;

(4) Must set forth the particular grounds for the request, including the specific factual issues the requesting party alleges needs to be examined in connection with the CO's determination;

(5) May contain any legal argument that the employer believes will rebut the basis for the CO's determination, including any briefing the employer wishes to submit; and

(6) May contain only such evidence as was actually before the CO at the time of the CO's determination.

(b) Appeal File. After the receipt of a request for review, the CO will send a copy of the Appeal File, as soon as practicable by means normally assuring next-day delivery, to BALCA, the employer, the employer's attorney or agent (if applicable), and the Associate Solicitor for Employment and Training Legal Services, Office of the Solicitor, U.S. Department of Labor (counsel).

(c) Assignment. The Chief ALJ will immediately, upon receipt of the appeal file from the CO, assign either a single member or a three-member panel of BALCA to consider a particular case.

(d) Administrative review—(1) Briefing schedule. If the employer wishes to submit a brief on appeal, it must do so as part of its request for review. Within 7 business days of receipt of the Appeal File, the counsel for the CO may submit a brief in support of the CO's decision and, if applicable, in response to the employer's brief.

(2) Standard of review. The ALJ must uphold the CO's decision unless shown by the employer to be arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, or otherwise not in accordance with the law.

(e) Scope of review. BALCA will, except in cases over which the Secretary has assumed jurisdiction pursuant to 29 CFR 18.95, affirm, reverse, or modify the CO's determination, or remand to the CO for further action. BALCA will reach this decision after due consideration of the documents in the Appeal File that were before the CO at the time of the CO's determination, the request for review, and any legal briefs submitted. BALCA may not consider evidence not before the CO at the time of the CO's determination, even if such evidence is in the Appeal File, request for review, or legal briefs.

(f) Decision. The decision of BALCA must specify the reasons for the action taken and must be provided to the employer, the CO, and counsel for the CO within 7 business days of the submission of the CO's brief or 10 business days after receipt of the Appeal File, whichever is later, using means normally assuring expedited delivery.

[84 FR 12431, Apr. 1, 2019, as amended at 85 FR 13029, Mar. 6, 2020; 85 FR 30615, May 20, 2020]