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§ 655.530 - Special provisions regarding the performance of longshore activities at locations in the State of Alaska.

Applicability. Section § 655.510 of this part shall not apply to longshore work performed at locations in the State of Alaska. The performance of longshore work by alien crewmembers at locations in the State of Alaska shall instead be governed by §§ 655.530 through 655.541. The use of alien crewmembers to perform longshore work in Alaska consisting of the use of an automated self-unloading conveyor belt or vacuum-actuated system on a vessel shall continue to be governed by the provisions of § 655.520 of this part, except that, if the Administrator finds, based on a preponderance of the evidence which may be submitted by any interested party, that an attestation is required because the performance of the particular activity of longshore work is not the prevailing practice at the location in the State of Alaska, or was during a strike or lockout or intended to influence an election of a bargaining representative for workers at that location, or if the Administrator issues a cease and desist order against use of the automated equipment without such an attestation, the required attestation shall be filed pursuant to the Alaska exception at §§ 655.530 through 655.541 and not the prevailing practice exception at § 655.510.