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§ 655.533 - What should be submitted for locations in Alaska?

(a) Form ETA 9033-A with accompanying documentation. A completed and dated original Form ETA 9033-A, or facsimile transmission thereof, containing the required attestation elements and the original signature of the employer or the employer's agent or designated representative, along with two copies of the completed, signed, and dated Form ETA 9033-A shall be submitted to ETA. (If the attestation is submitted by facsimile transmission, the attestation containing the original signature shall be maintained at the U.S. business address of the employer's designated agent or representative). Copies of Form ETA 9033-A are available at the National Processing Centers and at the National office. In addition, the employer shall submit two sets of facts and evidence to show compliance with the fourth attestation element at § 655.537 of this part. In the case of an investigation pursuant to subpart G of this part, the employer has the burden of proof to establish the validity of each attestation. The employer shall maintain in its records at the office of its U.S. agent, for a period of at least 3 years from the date of filing, sufficient documentation to meet its burden of proof, which shall at a minimum include the documentation described in §§ 655.530 through 655.541, and shall make the documents available to Department of Labor officials upon request. Whenever any document is submitted to a Federal agency or retained in the employer's records pursuant to this part, the document shall either be in the English language or shall be accompanied by a written translation into the English language certified by the translator as to the accuracy of the translation and his/her competency to translate.

(b) Attestation elements. The attestation elements referenced in §§ 655.534 through 655.537 of this part are mandated by Sec. 258(d)(1) of the Act (8 U.S.C. 1288(d)(1)). Section 258(d)(1) of the Act requires employers who seek to have alien crewmembers engage in longshore activity at locations in the State of Alaska to attest as follows:

(1) The employer will make a bona fide request for United States longshore workers who are qualified and available in sufficient numbers to perform the activity at the particular time and location from the parties to whom notice has been provided under § 655.537(a)(1) (ii) and (iii), except that:

(i) Wherever two or more contract stevedoring companies have signed a joint collective bargaining agreement with a single labor organization recognized as an exclusive bargaining representative of United States longshore workers within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act (29 U.S.C. 141 et seq.), the employer may request longshore workers from only one such contract stevedoring company, and

(ii) A request for longshore workers to an operator of a private dock may be made only for longshore work to be performed at that dock and only if the operator meets the requirements of section 32 of the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (33 U.S.C. 932);

(2) The employer will employ all United States longshore workers made available in response to the request made pursuant to § 655.534(a)(1) who are qualified and available in sufficient numbers and who are needed to perform the longshore activity at the particular time and location to which the employer has attested;

(3) The use of alien crewmembers for such activity is not intended or designed to influence an election of a bargaining representative for workers in the State of Alaska; and

(4) Notice of the attestation has been provided to:

(i) Labor organizations which have been recognized as exclusive bargaining representatives of United States longshore workers within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act (29 U.S.C. 141 et seq.) and which make available or intend to make available workers to the particular location where the longshore work is to be performed;

(ii) Contract stevedoring companies which employ or intend to employ United States longshore workers at that location; and

(iii) Operators of private docks at which the employer will use longshore workers.

[60 FR 3956, 3976, Jan. 19, 1995, as amended at 71 FR 35520, June 21, 2006]