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§ 655.540 - Suspension or invalidation of filed attestations for locations in Alaska.

Suspension or invalidation of an attestation may result from enforcement action(s) under subpart G of this part (i.e., investigation(s) conducted by the Administrator or cease and desist order(s) issued by the Administrator regarding the employer's misrepresentation in or failure to carry out its attestation); or from a discovery by ETA that it made an error in accepting the attestation because such attestation falls within one of the categories set forth in § 655.538(b).

(a) Result of Wage and Hour Division action. Upon the determination of a violation under subpart G of this part, the Administrator shall, pursuant to § 655.665(b), notify the DHS of the violation and of the Administrator's notice to ETA.

(b) Result of ETA action. If, after accepting an attestation for filing, ETA finds that the attestation is unacceptable because it falls within one of the categories set forth at § 655.538(b) and, as a result, ETA suspends or invalidates the attestation, ETA shall notify the DHS of such suspension or invalidation and shall return a copy of the attestation form to the employer, or the employer's agent or representative at a U.S. address. ETA shall notify the employer, in writing, of the reason(s) that the attestation is suspended or invalidated.