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§ 655.655 - Secretary's review of administrative law judge's decision.

(a) The Administrator or any interested party desiring review of the decision and order of an administrative law judge shall petition the Secretary to review the decision and order. To be effective, such petition shall be received by the Secretary within 30 calendar days of the date of the decision and order. Copies of the petition shall be served on all parties and on the administrative law judge.

(b) No particular form is prescribed for any petition for Secretary's review permitted by this subpart. However, any such petition shall:

(1) Be dated;

(2) Be typewritten or legibly written;

(3) Specify the issue or issues stated in the administrative law judge decision and order giving rise to such petition;

(4) State the specific reason or reasons why the party petitioning for review believes such decision and order are in error;

(5) Be signed by the party filing the petition or by an authorized representative of such party;

(6) Include the address at which such party or authorized representative desires to receive further communications relating thereto; and

(7) Attach copies of the administrative law judge's decision and order, and any other record documents which would assist the Secretary in determining whether review is warranted.

(c) Whenever the Secretary determines to review the decision and order of an administrative law judge, a notice of the Secretary's determination shall be served upon the administrative law judge and upon all parties to the proceeding within 30 calendar days after the Secretary's receipt of the petition for review.

(d) Upon receipt of the Secretary's notice, the Office of Administrative Law Judges shall within fifteen calendar days forward the complete hearing record to the Secretary.

(e) The Secretary's notice may specify:

(1) The issue or issues to be reviewed;

(2) The form in which submissions shall be made by the parties (e.g., briefs); and

(3) The time within which such submissions shall be made.

(f) All documents submitted to the Secretary shall be filed with the Secretary of Labor, U.S. Department of Labor, Washington, DC 20210, Attention: Executive Director, Office of Administrative Appeals, room S-4309. An original and two copies of all documents shall be filed. Documents are not deemed filed with the Secretary until actually received by the Secretary. All documents, including documents filed by mail, shall be received by the Secretary either on or before the due date.

(g) Copies of all documents filed with the Secretary shall be served upon all other parties involved in the proceeding. Service upon the Administrator shall be in accordance with § 655.640(b) of this part.

(h) The Secretary's final decision shall be issued within 180 calendar days from the date of the notice of intent to review. The Secretary's decision shall be served upon all parties and the administrative law judge.

(i) Upon issuance of the Secretary's decision, the Secretary shall transmit the entire record to the Chief Administrative Law Judge for custody pursuant to § 655.660 of this part.