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§ 655.835 -

(a) Upon receipt of a timely request for a hearing filed pursuant to and in accordance with § 655.820 of this part, the Chief Administrative Law Judge shall promptly appoint an administrative law judge to hear the case.

(b) Within 7 calendar days following the assignment of the case, the administrative law judge shall notify all interested parties of the date, time and place of the hearing. All parties shall be given at least fourteen calendar days notice of such hearing.

(c) The date of the hearing shall be not more than 60 calendar days from the date of the Administrator's determination. Because of the time constraints imposed by the INA, no request for postponement shall be granted except for compelling reasons. Even where such reasons are shown, no request for postponement of the hearing beyond the 60-day deadline shall be granted except by consent of all the parties to the proceeding.

(d) The administrative law judge may prescribe a schedule by which the parties are permitted to file a prehearing brief or other written statement of fact or law. Any such brief or statement shall be served upon each other party in accordance with § 655.830 of this part. Posthearing briefs will not be permitted except at the request of the administrative law judge. When permitted, any such brief shall be limited to the issue or issues specified by the administrative law judge, shall be due within the time prescribed by the administrative law judge, and shall be served on each other party in accordance with § 655.830 of this part.