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§ 655.1130 - What criteria does the Department use to determine whether or not to certify an Attestation?

(a) An Attestation form which is complete and has no obvious inaccuracies will be accepted for filing by ETA without substantive review, except that ETA will conduct a substantive review on particular attestation elements in the following limited circumstances:

(1) Determination of whether the hospital submitting the Attestation is a qualifying “facility” (see § 655.1110(c)(ii), regarding the documentation required, and the process for review);

(2) Where the facility attests that it is taking or will take a “timely and significant step” other than those identified on the Form ETA 9081 (see § 655.1114(b)(2)(v), regarding the documentation required, and the process for review);

(3) Where the facility asserts that taking a second “timely and significant step” is unreasonable (see § 655.1114(c), regarding the documentation required, and the process for review).

(b) The certifying officer will act on the Attestation in a timely manner. If the officer does not contact the facility for information or make any determination within 30 days of receiving the Attestation, the Attestation shall be accepted for filing. If ETA receives information contesting the truth of the statements attested to or compliance with an Attestation prior to the determination to accept or reject the Attestation for filing, such information shall not be made part of ETA's administrative record on the Attestation but shall be referred to the Administrator to be processed as a complaint pursuant to subpart M of this part if such Attestation is accepted by ETA for filing.

(c) When the facility submits the attestation to ETA and provides the notice required by § 655.1116, the attestation must be made available for public examination at the facility. When ETA accepts the attestation for filing, the attestation will be made available, upon request, for public examination in the Office of Foreign Labor Certification, Employment Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, Room C-4312, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20210.

(d) Standards for acceptance of Attestation. ETA will accept the Attestation for filing under the following standards:

(1) The Attestation is complete and contains no obvious inaccuracies.

(2) The facility's explanation and documentation are sufficient to satisfy the requirements for the Attestation elements on which substantive review is conducted (as described in paragraph (a) of this section).

(3) The facility has no outstanding “insufficient funds” check(s) in connection with filing fee(s) for prior Attestation(s).

(4) The facility has no outstanding civil money penalties and/or has not failed to satisfy a remedy assessed by the Wage and Hour Administrator, under subpart M of this part, where that penalty or remedy assessment has become the final agency action.

(5) The facility has not been disqualified from approval of any petitions filed by, or on behalf of, the facility under section 204 or section 212(m) of the INA.

(e) DOL not the guarantor. DOL is not the guarantor of the accuracy, truthfulness or adequacy of an Attestation accepted for filing.

(f) Attestation Effective and Expiration Dates. An Attestation becomes filed and effective as of the date it is accepted and signed by the ETA certifying officer. Such Attestation is valid until the date that is the later of the end of the 12-month period beginning on the date of acceptance for filing with the Secretary, or the end of the period of admission (under INA section 101(a)(15)(H)(i)(c)) of the last alien with respect to whose admission the Attestation was applied, unless the Attestation is suspended or invalidated earlier than such date pursuant to § 655.1132.

[65 FR 51149, Aug. 22, 2000, as amended at 75 FR 10406, Mar. 5, 2010]