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§ 172.110 - BHA.

The food additive BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) alone or in combination with other antioxidants permitted in food for human consumption in this subpart B may be safely used in or on specified foods, as follows:

(a) The BHA meets the following specification:

Assay (total BHA), 98.5 percent minimum. Melting point 48 °C minimum.

(b) The BHA is used alone or in combination with BHT, as an antioxidant in foods, as follows:

Food Limitations (total BHA and BHT) parts per million
Dehydrated potato shreds50
Active dry yeast1 1,000
Beverages and desserts prepared from dry mixes1 2
Dry breakfast cereals50
Dry diced glazed fruit1 32
Dry mixes for beverages and desserts1 90
Emulsion stabilizers for shortenings200
Potato flakes50
Potato granules10
Sweet potato flakes50

1 BHA only.

(c) To assure safe use of the additive:

(1) The label of any market package of the additive shall bear, in addition to the other information required by the Act, the name of the additive.

(2) When the additive is marketed in a suitable carrier, in addition to meeting the requirement of paragraph (c)(1) of this section, the label shall declare the percentage of the additive in the mixture.

(3) The label or labeling of dry mixes for beverages and desserts shall bear adequate directions for use to provide that beverages and desserts prepared from the dry mixes contain no more than 2 parts per million BHA.