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§ 172.130 - Dehydroacetic acid.

The food additive dehydroacetic acid and/or its sodium salt may be safely used in accordance with the following prescribed conditions:

(a) The food additive meets the following specifications:

Dehydroacetic acid: Melting point, 109 °C-111 °C; assay, minimum 98 percent (dry basis). Sodium salt of dehydroacetic acid: Assay, minimum 98 percent (dry basis).

(b) It is used or intended for use as a preservative for cut or peeled squash, and is so used that no more than 65 parts per million expressed as dehydroacetic acid remains in or on the prepared squash.

(c) The label or labeling of any package of the additive intended for use in food shall bear adequate directions for use to insure compliance with this section.