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§ 172.848 - Lactylic esters of fatty acids.

Lactylic esters of fatty acids may be safely used in food in accordance with the following prescribed conditions:

(a) They are prepared from lactic acid and fatty acids meeting the requirements of § 172.860(b) and/or oleic acid derived from tall oil fatty acids meeting the requirements of § 172.862.

(b) They are used as emulsifiers, plasticizers, or surface-active agents in the following foods, when standards of identity do not preclude their use:

Foods Limitations
Bakery mixes
Baked products
Cake icings, fillings, and toppings
Dehydrated fruits and vegetables
Dehydrated fruit and vegetable juices
Edible vegetable fat-water emulsionsAs substitutes for milk or cream in beverage coffee.
Frozen desserts
Liquid shorteningFor household use.
Pancake mixes
Precooked instant rice
Pudding mixes

(c) They are used in an amount not greater than required to produce the intended physical or technical effect, and they may be used with shortening and edible fats and oils when such are required in the foods identified in paragraph (b) of this section.