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§ 172.872 - Methyl ethyl cellulose.

The food additive methyl ethyl cellulose may be safely used in food in accordance with the following prescribed conditions.

(a) The additive is a cellulose ether having the general formula [C6H(10-x-y)O5(CH3)x(C2H5)y]n, where x is the number of methyl groups and y is the number of ethyl groups. The average value of x is 0.3 and the average value of y is 0.7.

(b) The additive meets the following specifications:

(1) The methoxy content shall be not less than 3.5 percent and not more than 6.5 percent, calculated as OCH3, and the ethoxy content shall be not less than 14.5 percent and not more than 19 percent, calculated as OC2H5, both measured on the dry sample.

(2) The viscosity of an aqueous solution, 2.5 grams of the material in 100 milliliters of water, at 20 °C, is 20 to 60 centipoises.

(3) The ash content on a dry basis has a maximum of 0.6 percent.

(c) The food additive is used as an aerating, emulsifying, and foaming agent, in an amount not in excess of that reasonably required to produce its intended effect.