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§ 172.888 - Synthetic petroleum wax.

Synthetic petroleum wax may be safely used in or on foods in accordance with the following conditions:

(a) Synthetic petroleum wax is a mixture of solid hydrocarbons, paraffinic in nature, prepared by either catalytic polymerization of ethylene or copolymerization of ethylene with linear (C3 to C12) alpha-olefins, and refined to meet the specifications prescribed in this section.

(b) Synthetic petroleum wax meets the ultraviolet absorbance limits of § 172.886(b) when subjected to the analytical procedure described therein.

(c) Synthetic petroleum wax has a number average molecular weight of not less than 500 nor greater than 1,200 as determined by vapor pressure osmometry.

(d) Synthetic petroleum wax may contain any antioxidant permitted in food by regulations issued in accordance with section 409 of the act, in an amount not greater than that required to produce its intended effect.

(e) Synthetic petroleum wax is used or intended for use as follows:

Use Limitations
In chewing gum base, as a masticatory substanceIn accordance with § 172.615 in an amount not to exceed good manufacturing practice.
On cheese and raw fruits and vegetables as a protective coatingIn an amount not to exceed good manufacturing practice.
As a defoamer in foodIn accordance with § 173.340 of this chapter.
[42 FR 14491, Mar. 15, 1977, as amended at 59 FR 10986, Mar. 9, 1994]