U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Nov 29, 2020

§ 1006.330 - Insurance coverage.

(a) In general. As a condition to receiving NHHBG funds, the DHHL must require adequate insurance coverage for housing units that are owned or operated or assisted with more than $5,000 of NHHBG funds, including a loan of more than $5,000 that includes payback provisions.

(b) Adequate insurance. Insurance is adequate if it is a purchased insurance policy from an insurance provider or a plan of self-insurance in an amount to cover replacement cost.

(c) Loss covered. The DHHL must provide for or require insurance in adequate amounts to indemnify against loss from fire, weather, and liability claims for all housing units owned, operated or assisted by the DHHL. NHHBG funds may only be used to purchase insurance for low-income homeowners and only in amounts sufficient to protect against the loss of the NHHBG funds at risk in the property. The cost of such insurance may not include coverage for a resident's personal property.

(d) Exception. The DHHL shall not require insurance if the assistance is in an amount less than $5000.

(e) Contractor's coverage. The DHHL shall require contractors and subcontractors to either provide insurance covering their activities or negotiate adequate indemnification coverage to be provided by the DHHL in the contract.