U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Dec 01, 2020

§ 1006.420 - Review of DHHL's performance.

(a) Objective. HUD will, at least annually, review DHHL's performance to determine whether the DHHL has:

(1) Carried out eligible activities in a timely manner;

(2) Carried out and made certifications in accordance with the requirements and the primary objectives of the Act and this part and with other applicable laws;

(3) A continuing capacity to carry out the eligible activities in a timely manner;

(4) Complied with its housing plan; and

(5) Submitted accurate performance reports.

(b) Basis for review. In reviewing DHHL's performance, HUD will consider all available evidence, which may include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) The DHHL's housing plan and any amendments thereto;

(2) Reports prepared by the DHHL;

(3) Records maintained by the DHHL, including their retention under 2 CFR 200.333, noting that the NHHBG Annual Performance Report is the program's final expenditure report;

(4) Results of HUD's monitoring of the DHHL's performance, including field evaluation of the quality of the work performed;

(5) Audit reports;

(6) Records of drawdowns on the line of credit;

(7) Records of comments and complaints by citizens and organizations; and

(8) Litigation.

(c) The DHHL's failure to maintain records may result in a finding that the DHHL failed to meet the applicable requirement to which the record pertains.

[67 FR 40776, June 13, 2002, as amended at 80 FR 75945, Dec. 7, 2015]