U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Dec 01, 2020

§ 1006.430 - Corrective and remedial action.

(a) General. One or more corrective or remedial actions will be taken by HUD when, on the basis of a performance review, HUD determines that the DHHL has not:

(1) Complied with the requirements of the Act and this part and other applicable laws and regulations, including the environmental responsibilities assumed under § 1006.350;

(2) Carried out its activities substantially as described in its housing plan;

(3) Made substantial progress in carrying out its program and achieving its quantifiable goals as described in its housing plan; or

(4) Shown the continuing capacity to carry out its approved activities in a timely manner.

(b) Action. The action taken by HUD will be designed, first, to prevent the continuance of the deficiency; second, to mitigate any adverse effects or consequences of the deficiency; and third, to prevent a recurrence of the same or similar deficiencies. The following actions may be taken singly or in combination, as appropriate for the circumstances:

(1) Issue a letter of warning advising the DHHL of the performance problem(s), describing the corrective actions that HUD believes should be taken, establishing a completion date for corrective actions, and notifying the DHHL that more serious actions may be taken if the performance problem(s) is not corrected or is repeated;

(2) Request the DHHL to submit progress schedules for completing activities or complying with the requirements of the Act and this part;

(3) Recommend that the DHHL suspend, discontinue, or not incur costs for the affected activity;

(4) Recommend that the DHHL redirect funds from affected activities to other eligible activities;

(5) Recommend that the DHHL reimburse its program account or line of credit under the Act in the amount improperly expended and reprogram the use of the funds; and

(6) Recommend that the DHHL obtain appropriate technical assistance using existing grant funds or other available resources to overcome the performance problem(s).