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§ 984.201 - Action Plan.

(a) Requirement for Action Plan. A PHA must have a HUD-approved Action Plan that complies with the requirements of this section before the PHA implements an FSS program, whether the FSS program is a mandatory or voluntary program.

(b) Development of Action Plan. The Action Plan shall be developed by the PHA in consultation with the chief executive officer of the applicable unit of general local government, and the Program Coordinating Committee.

(c) Plan submission - (1) Initial submission - (i) Mandatory program. Unless the dates stated in paragraph (c) of this section are extended by HUD for good cause, a PHA that is establishing its first FSS program must submit an Action Plan to HUD for approval within 90 days after the PHA receives notice from HUD of:

(A) Approval of the PHA's application for incentive award units; or

(B) Approval of other funding that establishes the obligation to operate an FSS program, if the PHA did not receive FSS incentive award units.

(ii) Voluntary program. The PHA must submit its Action Plan and obtain HUD approval of the plan before the PHA implements a voluntary FSS program, including a program that exceeds the minimum size for a mandatory program.

(2) Revision. Following HUD's initial approval of the Action Plan, no further approval of the Action Plan is required unless the PHA proposes to make policy changes to the Action Plan or increase the size of a voluntary program; or HUD requires other changes. The PHA must submit any changes to the Action Plan to HUD for approval.

(d) Contents of Plan. The Action Plan shall describe the policies and procedures of the PHA for operation of a local FSS program, and shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:

(1) Family demographics. A description of the number, size, characteristics, and other demographics (including racial and ethnic data), and the supportive service needs of the families expected to participate in the FSS program;

(2) Estimate of participating families. A description of the number of eligible FSS families who can reasonably be expected to receive supportive services under the FSS program, based on available and anticipated Federal, tribal, State, local, and private resources;

(3) Eligible families from other self-sufficiency program. If applicable, the number of families, by program type, who are participating in Operation Bootstrap, Project Self-Sufficiency, or any other local self-sufficiency program who are expected to agree to execute an FSS contract of participation.

(4) FSS family selection procedures. A statement indicating the procedures to be utilized to select families for participation in the FSS program, subject to the requirements governing the selection of FSS families, set forth in § 984.203. This statement must include a description of how the PHA's selection procedures ensure that families will be selected without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

(5) Incentives to encourage participation - a description of the incentives that the PHA intends to offer eligible families to encourage their participation in the FSS program (incentives plan). The incentives plan shall provide for the establishment of the FSS account in accordance with the requirements set forth in § 984.305, and other incentives, if any, designed by the PHA. The incentives plan shall be part of the Action Plan.

(6) Outreach efforts. A description of:

(i) The PHA's efforts, including notification and outreach efforts, to recruit FSS participants from among eligible families; and

(ii) The PHA's actions to be taken to assure that both minority and non-minority groups are informed about the FSS program, and how the PHA will make this information known.

(7) FSS activities and supportive services. A description of the activities and supportive services to be provided by both public and private resources to FSS families, and identification of the public and private resources which are expected to provide the supportive services.

(8) Method for identification of family support needs. A description of how the FSS program will identify the needs and deliver the services and activities according to the needs of the FSS families;

(9) Program termination; withholding of services; and available grievance procedures. A description of the PHA's policies concerning: terminating participation in the FSS program, withholding of supportive services, or terminating or withholding Section 8 assistance, on the basis of a family's failure to comply with the requirements of the contract of participation; and the grievance and hearing procedures available for FSS families.

(10) Assurances of non-interference with rights of non-participating families. An assurance that a family's election not to participate in the FSS program will not affect the family's admission to public housing or to the Section 8 program or the family's right to occupancy in accordance with its lease.

(11) Timetable for program implementation. A timetable for implementation of the FSS program, as provided in § 984.301(a)(1), including the schedule for filling FSS slots with eligible FSS families, as provided in § 984.301;

(12) Certification of coordination. A certification that development of the services and activities under the FSS program has been coordinated with the JOBS Program; the programs provided under the JTPA; and any other relevant employment, child care, transportation, training, and education programs (e.g., Job Training for the Homeless Demonstration program) in the applicable area, and that implementation will continue to be coordinated, in order to avoid duplication of services and activities; and

(13) Optional additional information. Such other information that would help HUD determine the soundness of the PHA's proposed FSS program.

(e) Eligibility of a combined program. a PHA that wishes to operate a joint FSS program with other PHAs may combine its resources with one or more PHAs to deliver supportive services under a joint Action Plan that will provide for the establishment and operation of a combined FSS program that meets the requirements of this part.

(f) Single action plan. PHAs implementing both a Section 8 FSS program and a public or Indian housing FSS program may submit one Action Plan.

[61 FR 8815, Mar. 5, 1996, as amended at 65 FR 16732, Mar. 29, 2000]