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§ 1136.4 - Organization of this part.

(a) The content of this part is organized into subparts and associated appendices.

(1) Each subpart provides direction to DoD Components on how to construct one article of general terms and conditions for grants and cooperative agreements.

(2) For each subpart, there is a corresponding appendix with standard wording for terms and conditions of the article addressed by the subpart. Terms and conditions address rights and responsibilities of the Federal Government and recipients.

(b) A DoD Component must use the wording provided in each appendix in accordance with the direction in the corresponding subpart. That direction may permit DoD Components to vary from the standard wording in some situations.

(c) Table 1 shows which article of general terms and conditions may be found in each of appendices A through G to this part (with the associated direction to DoD Components in Subparts A through G, respectively):

Table 1 to Paragraph (c)

In . . . You will find terms and conditions specifying recipients' rights and responsibilities related to . . . That would appear in an award within OAR Article . . .
Appendix ASubmitting and maintaining recipient informationI.
Appendix BRecords retention and accessII.
Appendix CRemedies and terminationIII.
Appendix DClaims, disputes, and appealsIV.
Appendix ECollection of amounts dueV.
Appendix FCloseoutVI.
Appendix GPost-closeout adjustments and continuing responsibilitiesVII.