Appendix E - Appendix E to Part 1136 - Terms and Conditions for OAR Article V, “Collection of Amounts Due”

As required by § 1136.505, a DoD Component's general terms and conditions must use the following wording for OAR Article V.

OAR Article V. Collection of Amounts Due. (DECEMBER 2014)

Section A. Establishing a debt.

1. Any amount paid to you in excess of the amount to which you are determined to be entitled under the terms and conditions of this award constitutes a debt to the Federal Government.

2. A grants officer will attempt to resolve any claim of your indebtedness arising out of this award by mutual agreement.

3. If the grants officer fails to resolve the claim in that manner, you will receive a written notice of the grants officer's decision formally determining the debt, as described in paragraph B.2 of OAR Article IV. The notice will describe the debt, including the amount, name and address of the official who determined the debt, and a copy of that official's determination.

Section B. Debt delinquency and appeals.

1. Within 30 calendar days of the grants officer's decision, you must either pay the amount owed to the address provided in the written notice or inform the grants officer that you intend to appeal the decision. Appeal procedures are described in OAR Article IV.

2. If you elect not to appeal, any amounts not paid within 30 calendar days of the grants officer's decision will be a delinquent debt.

3. If you elect to appeal the grants officer's decision, you will have 90 calendar days after receipt of the grants officer's decision to file your appeal unless Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures are used, as described in section C of OAR Article IV, in which case you will have 150 calendar days.

Section C. Demand letter, interest, and debt collection.

1. If within 30 calendar days of the grants officer's decision, you neither pay the amount due nor provide notice of your intent to appeal the grants officer's decision, the grants officer will send you a demand letter identifying a payment office that will be responsible for any further debt collection activity.

2. If you do not pay by the due date specified in the written demand letter, the Federal Government may collect part or all of the debt by:

a. Making an administrative offset against your requests for reimbursements under Federal awards;

b. Withholding advance payments otherwise due to you; and

c. Any other action permitted by Federal statute.

3. The debt will bear interest, and may include penalties and other administrative costs, in accordance with applicable provisions of the DoD Financial Management Regulation (DoD 7000.14-R), which implements the Federal Claims Collection Standards. The date from which interest is computed is not extended by litigation or the filing of any form of appeal.