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§ 1208.5 - Notice of royalty oil sale.

If the Secretary decides to take royalty oil in kind for sale to eligible refiners, ONRR will issue a “Notice of Availability of Royalty Oil” specifying the manner in which the sale is to be effected, the approximate quantity of royalty oil to be offered, information required in applications, the closing date for the receipt of applications for royalty oil, and other general administrative details concerning the application, allocation, and contract award process for the royalty oil. The Notice will describe generally the terms under which the royalty oil contracts will be awarded and will specify which applicants will be deemed preference eligible refiners in the sale proceedings. The Notice will also contain guidelines for reallocation procedures in the event substantial quantities of royalty oil sold in that specific sale are subsequently turned back to ONRR. Only those purchasers that hold ongoing contracts from that specific sale will be allowed to participate in any reallocation, which would be voluntary, and then only if they continue to meet eligibility requirements as set forth in §§ 1208.2 and 1208.7. If a reallocation is held prior to the effective date of the contracts as specified in the “Notice of Availability of Royalty Oil”, all eligible refiners that selected a lease or leases in that specific sale would be allowed to participate, pursuant to the procedures in the Notice.