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§ 1208.7 - Determination of eligibility.

(a) The ONRR will examine each application and may request additional information if the information in the application is inadequate. An application received after the close of the application period will be rejected. If additional information is requested by ONRR, it must be received by the time specified or the application will be rejected.

(b) After the close of the application period and the receipt of any additional requested information, ONRR will determine which applicants may participate in the royalty oil sale and the quantity of royalty oil which each applicant is authorized to purchase.

(c) When applications are filed by two or more eligible refiners for the same royalty oil, the oil will be allocated among such applicants on an equitable basis as determined by ONRR. Preference eligible refiners will be given priority in the allocation procedures in sales and subsequent reallocations of royalty oil.

(d) No eligible refiner shall be awarded contracts for volumes of royalty oil that, when added to volumes of other Federal royalty oil being received, are in excess of 60 percent of the combined refinery capacity of that refiner.

(e) The ONRR may exclude any section 6 lease from a royalty oil sale.

(f) If two or more eligible refiners are related through common ownership or control or otherwise affiliated, only one of them shall be entitled to an allotment of royalty oil from a specific sale.

(g) Any applicant whose refinery is not in operation during the 60-day period prior to the date of the royalty oil sale shall not be entitled to participate in the sale unless such applicant self-certifies and demonstrates to the satisfaction of ONRR that it will begin operations by the first month in which oil becomes available under a royalty oil contract. If operations do not begin by that month, ONRR will terminate the contract.

(h) Applicants or purchasers that have delinquent balances with ONRR as of the date of a royalty oil sale or subsequent reallocation will not be allowed to participate in that sale or reallocation. If a person which is controlled by, in control of, under common control with, or otherwise affiliated with an applicant or purchaser has such delinquent balances, the applicant or purchaser will not be allowed to participate in a royalty oil sale or reallocation. To the extent a purchaser or affiliated person has appealed a billing and posted a surety instrument in accordance with the contract terms and applicable ONRR regulations or other law, the balance shall not be considered delinquent.

(i) A purchaser must meet the eligibility criteria on the date of contract issuance. However, a change in a purchaser's eligibility status during the term of the contract will not affect the purchaser's right to continue that contract until its term expires, including any extensions thereof.

[52 FR 41913, Oct. 30, 1987, as amended at 58 FR 64901, Dec. 10, 1993]