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§ 250.3 - Voucher applications.

(a) Execution of voucher by person named. No payment of any part of the amount due on account of an award will be made unless a voucher application therefor properly executed (preferably in ink or indelible pencil) is received by the Treasury Department. A voucher application for each payment on account of an award must be signed by each person whose name appears on such voucher application as payee exactly as his name appears thereon, with the following two exceptions:

(1) If only the name of the payee, and not his identity, has changed, the payee shall sign the voucher application with his changed name and return it to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Treasury Department, Hyattsville, MD 20782; the voucher application shall be accompanied by an explanatory affidavit and appropriate supporting documents, e.g., a copy of a marriage certificate or court order of change of name.

(2) If the identity of the payee has changed, paragraph (b) of this section shall apply. A signature by mark (X) must be witnessed by two persons; the signature and address of each must appear on the voucher application. In the case of a corporation the voucher application must be signed by an appropriate officer thereof having authority to do so, whose authority to sign on behalf of the corporation must be duly certified to thereon over the seal of the corporation.

(b) Execution of voucher by other person. If the person named in the voucher application as payee is no longer the proper person to receive the payment by reason of assignment, incompetency or death, or of termination of a partnership or corporation named, the voucher shall be executed by the person entitled to payment as provided in 250.4 and returned to the Credit Accounting Branch with the relevant information and the appropriate supporting documents required by that section.

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